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The Socioeconomic Impact of Employing Female Deminers in Sri Lanka

This report outlines the key findings of the study looking at the socioeconomic impact of employing female deminers in Sri Lanka. 10 years after the first clearance operations in Sri Lanka, hundreds of Sri Lankan women and men are now employed in the Northern and Eastern parts of the country. The key findings highlight how employment has transformed female and male deminers’ capacity to access and own resources and services, as well as changes in female deminers’ decision-making capacities, how they perceive themselves, and shifts in their families’ and community members’ attitudes towards gender norms.

Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations (MOWIP) Methodology, 2020

The Measuring Opportunities for Women in Peace Operations (MOWIP) Methodology is a rigorous and innovative tool to measure the degree to which women can meaningfully participate in peace operations from the perspectives of the troop- and police-contributing countries (TPCCs). It develops ten issue areas and measures the degree to which the issue areas constitute a barrier or create opportunities for women’s meaningful participation.

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DCAF, OSCE/ODIHR, UN Women Gender and Security Toolkit, 2019.

The Toolkit focuses both on advancing gender equality within security and justice institutions and how the security and justice sector can help to achieve gender equality and Women, Peace and Security goals within society. Drawing on the past decade of policy innovation and best practices, it highlights what success looks like and how it can be achieved.

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